Thinking Outside the Fluffy Down Filled Box


Mexican Wedding Dress Pillow Cover

Remember, not that long ago, when interior designers began doing a wierd thing to their decorative throw pillows?  It looked like somebody went through and karate chopped them. Why?  Maybe they were just taking out pent up frustration over the ridiculous price of these delightful accents.

I think retailers understand how important throw pillows are.  They can easily revive an old couch or stagnant living space, making them appear relevant and modern.  


Olive Green Craigslist Couch Revived by Throw Pillows

The feather pillow insert alone can cost $25 and it doesn’t even include the price of the pillow cover. People can easily drop $50-$100 for just one throw pillow!

There are always cheap cotton or polyester ones to choose from but in my crazy household feather pillows are the only ones that can handle the daily abuse of becoming a projectile or an acrobatic landing pad.  Come to think of it, my pillows get the karate chopping treatment daily.  Maybe we should continue that trend.

Vintage Skirt Pillow Cover

Vintage Skirt Pillow Cover

Occasionally, to cut cost I make throw pillow covers out of different textiles that I stumble across in life.  The white pillow at the top of the page was made from a Mexican wedding dress, and the one pictured to the right is actually a vintage skirt, fabric turned inside out and made into a pillow cover.  The difficulty though is in finding that feather pillow insert at a reasonable price.

As I perused the clearance area in my local TjMaxx (my favorite place to find feather pillows), I found a mildly ugly one for $12!  I just zipped off the cover and kicked it to the curb…I mean, as an eco-conscious person I will donate the cover to the local thrift store (I might do humanity a disservice there).  Anyway, underneath the hideousness was a perfect, new feather pillow insert for half the price. Yay!DSCN2133

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